It Makes 98F Feel Good

IMG_3054.jpgSpent Saturday with Lindsay and some of her friends paddling the Santa Fe River (I highly recommend Lars Andersen's Adventure Outpost livery, in lovely new digs on the south side of High Springs). The water has been exceptionally low, which emphasizes the color in many of the springs along the route and actually creates mini-rapids at three points on the run between US27 and FL47.

According to Joe Follman, there are over 30 1st- or 2nd-magnitude springs on the route, and that doesn't count unusual features like Big Awesome Suck, a spooky siphon I saw for the first time this trip.

I can't believe it's been several years since I made this trip. It's gorgeous, even with the crowds at Ginnie Springs. We're very lucky to have so many exceptional aquatic places & spaces within an easy day trip of home.


DL said...

I've done the Santa Fe several times in both canoe and kayak. We camped at Lilly Springs with that crazy guy that lives in the hut. Now that you mention it, we saw that siphon. It's a strange thing. The limestone under the surface in that area must be like swiss cheese.

I'm taking your New Comm. Technology class this term by the way. Just checking out some of your stuff... Talk to you soon!

Dave Larremore

J.S. Clark said...

Thanks for the comment, Dave - looking forward to your participation in the course.

This was my 4th or 5th time down the river and it never fails to impress me. You're referring to Naked Ed, a true original!

DL said...

Yea, thankfully he wore a loin cloth both times we stayed there. I heard his hut burned down about a year ago, but people have told me they've seen him since then. I'm pretty sure he stays in a Winnebago up that hill by the outhouse... the shack is just for show.