Where to find me these days

I seem to have fallen off the blogwagon completely, partly due to a sudden uptick of activity among friends & family on Facebook. Status updates and shared links there have become an easier outlet for my thoughts & rants. I considered redesigning jsclark.net, but just don't yet have the time.

So for now, here's where to keep up, if you so desire. In many of these venues you can friend me, subscribe to an RSS feed, or otherwise pull the info to a page you check regularly.

My Twitter updates feed into my Facebook status, so there's no need to list it separately. I also participate in the "more serious" social networking services LinkedIn and Academia.edu.

I also have a Slideshare page and a Youtube profile (where I hope to be uploading some more Second Life machinima soon).

Second Life
Look for me as JS Saltwater, or find my nature parcel by searching in-world for "Tallahassee Beach."

I'm pretty good at tagging interesting pages that I run across, but be warned it's a motley collection. I also try--with less success--to keep my LibraryThing data current.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'll come back and edit this post if anything else occurs to me.