Anschluss: Colbert Nation


Milling around after watching Stephen Colbert's typically hysterical sendup of bourgeois rectitude at last Friday's Homecoming Powwow, the younger crowd I was hanging with expressed interest in seeing if we could get an autograph. Yours truly led them downstairs to the civic-center loading dock. A small clump of obvious autograph hounds were hanging out some distance away, but there was clearly a door into an area of backstage activity and it was clearly not being closely monitored, so we waltzed in to find a small knot of people also lying in wait for Senor Colbert.

We were lucky; only two more people crept in before the security guy started bouncing 'em at the door. Apparently the small group of about a dozen was OK, though, and after 10-15 minutes Hizzoner came out and graciously signed autographs and posed for pics.

Lindsay, Laura, and Will were ecstatic, as was our friend Jennifer.

All in all, a very truthy evening. Quite a hoot contrasting the rah-rah sentiments of the pep rally with Colbert's lampooning of our "racist war chant" and proposing a new "trail of cheers" tradition to go along with the tomahawk chop and "spear it night".