Popout Refurb

Tonight I finished a project to replace the rubber seals on the '65 sedan's pop-out windows.
Backseat side windows on classic Beetles never rolled down, but dealers far from the factory in Wolfsburg could install this hardware app upgrade onsite, using pre-drilled holes in the frame of the car. 

The old rubber seals were like rotten jerky. There was some rust and corrosion and crumbly bits of 50 year old sunfried plastic. Removing the tarry old rubber and then threading the new seals into the frames was one of the more tedious tasks I've undertaken in VW repair, going around the frame 1/8" at a time with a putty knife, stuffing the sticky rubber strip into a t-shaped track. But the results are worthwhile:

Before (passenger side)After (driver's side)
I also brass-brushed the chrome latch mechanisms, and replaced the pinch welt around the opening and the little plastic covers over the hinge. Wolfsburg West is my go-to source for that kind of thing. More shots of the trim & brightwork:

What's that in the distance?

Prefitted for shoulder belts in 1965.

I valued them greatly in the '65 Beetle that was my first car, down in Palm Beach county where every bit of ventilation counts. 

Yes, that's a Mickey Rat t-shirt. Tag was my father's suggestion.

It was a brighter, squintier world. One in which I wore knit shirts.
For some reason, to me, poputs always made the car look a bit rakish and snazzy, like it was copping a bit more attitude. To the extent a Beetle can perform such a pose. Especially with the windows popped out, 3/4 rear view:

Not mine: image lifted from this site.
In 1965 when my current sedan was purchased new at Kennebrew Motors in Tallahassee, this option was invoiced on the window sticker at $25.  Today, you can pick them up for a mere $434.95, if your own personal screamin' aircooled demon is lacking:

Original VW Beetles -- even the dolled up Export models sold in the U.S. -- were famous for their simplicity and spartan features. This led to a huge market for dealer and aftermarket accessories and upgrades and other in-game purchases. Back when there were still classic VWs in junkyards, I loved prowling for accessories: custom gearshift knobs, cigarette lighters, clocks, all kinds of things. Unfortunately, these days such things are rarely seen outside shows, eBay, or artisanal VW accessory retailers. Though I do have a few I'll sell you.