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And of course:

At the end it was simple enough: a couple of hours on the charger and a 2-second squirt of ether into the carb, et voila.

Yesterday I replaced the bad fuel hose and sure enough, there is a fracture in the rubber about halfway along. (While I was under there I noticed the clutch return spring looks like it may have slipped or something, which might partly explain why the clutch pedal is such a light touch. Another time.)

Then I got to work on the ignition. The tests in Muir's book pointed to the points, which were burnt -- thus no current signal to trigger the coil four times per revolution. I pulled them out and filed them last night.

This morning, I reinstalled and gapped the points, and put about a half gallon of gas in the tank. No immediate leaks, but it still wasn't firing up, and since I'd left the charger off when gas was dripping everywhere, the battery quickly depleted itself.

So I busied myself checking other systems while the charger was doing its thing. Got the tail, license, and city lights (parking lights) working. Confirmed all the turn signal bulbs are working, though not yet blinking. Went to lunch.

Came back home and pulled a fuel line off the fuel pump and cranked over the engine enough to verify there was gas coming to the carb.

OK: fuel, spark, and enough juice to run the starter motor. The ether was just a final boost.

It runs very nicely, that clackety sewing-machine idle of an aircooled Reimspiess engine. I need to check the timing and idle speed. Alas, the generator light is on and the brushes look good, so I may be in for something more serious. But it starts and runs! Woot!

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