Parts is Parts

Haven't had a lot of time to work on the sedan lately but have been amassing a few needed items so I can make good progress if it ever stops raining, literally and figuratively.

The turn signal doesn't flash. Perhaps it's just a weak battery -- see bottom. But I still have a small stash of six volt parts and might be able to get one of these to work:

I also went ahead and ordered a new one because it was cheap. Picked up some new 6V stop/tail bulbs, a replacement sunvisor clip, and interior light -- the latter two from one of my favorite vintage sources, Wolfsburg West. The interior light looks sharp. A very nice repro.

The taillight lens is not new. Well, not original, either. It's a Eurostyle (amber top) lens the PO picked up at some point. I assume the original solid red lenses cracked or faded. Eurostyle lenses were trendy a while back and I have some on the convertible. It's on the pile because I scrounged a decent mounting screw from my parts bin to replace the corroded original.

The two big-ticket items were a new windshield gasket (not pictured), and this item, my first non-lead-acid car battery:

Although it looks nothing like the original black block, it's well-regarded as an upgrade if you have a 6V system that is even remotely marginal. Not much more expensive than an original style, either, which are made these days from hen's teeth and unobtanium. Given the radically different form factor, I'll have to rig a way to secure it. Fortunately, you can mount these AGM batteries in any position -- even upside down! Wonders of modern science.

So there you have it. Time permitting, these go in this weekend.

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