Almost Gigeresque

Artkrush's latest ish features this disturbingly curvilinear image by Marina Abramović, on display in New York this week.

Not particularly germane here, I guess, but I've just been perusing Giger's website (marveling at its humble design more than anything else) after picking up a faux Necronomicon (yes: redundant) at an Amazon-inspired buying frenzy at the Paperback Rack in Tallahassee tonight.

Along with the ersatz Lovecraft, I scarfed up a couple of tomes on Florida environment & culture, my first Castenada, and a book on sanity by Michel Foucault. Oh! And a wonderful find: a 1941 edition of Don Blanding's Floridays, full of delightful monochrome illustrations of palms, gators, herons....

But no scorpions.

P.S.: Lovecraft fans will especially enjoy this screenshot from my online evening.

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