One term leads to another....

A busy season for yours truly. Just finished two weeks of workshops on student assessment, developed and delivered by myself and Cadence Kidwell. Delivered a guest lecture on Web Design trends to Wanda Brown's Textiles class, conducted two Blackboard workshops for FYE instructors, and traveled to Orlando for a cool mini-con on "millenial" students, quite timely for my class of First-Year Experience freshmen that starts tomorrow and runs for six weeks.

Student activities contributed to the whirlwind feel of the past two weeks: the Political Rhetoric class wound up week before last with two papers due in as many weeks. Not only did I ace the class*, but the last meeting was over beer at a local eatery, a pleasant echo of the first Communication class I took way back in 1977 -- which also ended over beers, a tradition I kept up as an adjunct teacher until they changed the drinking age. One more reason to teach graduates, no?

Bruce H and I are talking collaboration over a ghost-story project, next weekend is a long holiday one out at Dog Island with two of my sibs and their families. Lindsay and Will get hitched on July 22, and it's off to Panama City for the Fennell reunion on August 6, with more workshops to deliver when I return and Fall term starting up August 28th.

Yes, I do like it.

*Please excuse the brag, but c'mon, I get some props heah. I tend to be grade-obsessed anyway, and here I am tiptoeing back into my academic discipline after a 22-year hiatus. I'm allowed.

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