You Only Live Twice?

SL_006.jpg...or so it seems. I have been having all too much fun lately in Second Life, between the silly fantasy components and the extremely pragmatic and promising elements. Imagine:

  • a virtual Paris, circa 1900
  • a simulated tsunami and hurricane
  • a richly detailed museum of rocketry
  • a haunted house full of horror bibligraphies
  • a faux coral reef complete with critters
  • becoming -- at whim -- an Ent, a ghostly astronaut, a rather fetching water-nymph, an animated planet, or merely various shades of Me

and so much more. Implications for online and distance learning are obvious, with several universities already "present" in a number of virtual locations throughout the place. Highly recommended as a way of exploring ideas and meeting interesting people from all around the globe.

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